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Promoting learning and preventing cheating

The issue of security against cheating in examinations is more relevant than ever. New examination forms take their place alongside the traditional ones simultaneously as generative AI tools (such as ChatGPT) become commonplace. In this Lunch 'n' Learn webinar, the PriU Assessment and Examination Group will present the group's updated report, "Promoting learning and preventing cheating". Come and take part in the report's message, ask questions and participate in a discussion to foster a culture of learning.

Time: Wed 2023-05-10 12.15 - 13.00

Video link: Online i Zoom

Language: Swedish

Participating: Viggo Kann, Magnus Andersson, Ninni Carlsund, Camilla Björn

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The webinar is in Swedish.

Measures to minimize cheating

Cheating is a complex problem. The intention of the report Promoting learning and preventing cheating  is to increase awareness of various forms of cheating and examination and to encourage discussion about this. The PriU Assessment and Examination Group also wants to promote a culture of learning with this report. They have categorized different measures that can be used to minimize cheating into four action categories:

  • cultural
  • disciplinary
  • pedagogic
  • controlling.

The categories have also been split into three levels:

  • student level
  • teacher level
  • university level.

In the report, the measures are presented both in the form of a table and as separate bulleted lists for students, teachers and the university KTH. The report has been presented to KTH's board of education, the director of studies network and the network of programme directors.

The webinars agenda

The webinar begins with a presentation of the report's core message. This is followed by a 10-15 minute question and answer session and discussion. At the Storträffen meetup on May 26, there will be further opportunities to discuss the topic.


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