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Evaluation of bus networks designed by an algorithm: A case study in Södertälje

What if we could utilize algorithms to design the most efficient public transport? In recent research, an algorithm was used to guide planners on how to design bus routes and results demonstrated huge improvements in time, cost, and sustainability.

Time: Tue 2023-02-14 08.30 - 09.30

Location: Zoom/ITRL

Language: English


Malin Danielsson

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The design of public transport networks are unquestionably important for cities, it reduces congestion, helps in improving air quality, connects people to essential services and so on. Over time the development of these designs has been done through different procedures, from manual calculations to automated algorithms. However, there is a shortage of research involving a real life application of the results from algorithms. This research evaluates the feasibility of implementation of a bus network designed by an algorithm, with a case study in Södertälje, Sweden.

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