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European Viable Cities Day

Towards Climate Neutral Cities 2030. Viable Cities and the European Commission are proud to invite you to our third European Viable Cities Day on December 11th 2020 in connection to the Nobel Day.

Time: Fri 2020-12-11 10.00 - 12.00

Location: Online


Anna-Lena Ekenryd, Viable Cities

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The focus this year is on accelerating climate transition in cities through new forms of investments in research, innovation and implementation for impact. This is part of the Swedish work in line with the EU mission Climate neutral cities by and for citizens.

During 2020, nine Swedish cities – Enköping, Göteborg, Järfälla, Lund, Malmö, Stockholm, Umeå, Uppsala and Växjö – together with Viable Cities, have developed a Swedish Climate City Contract. The contract will serve as an instrument where investments in climate and sustainability actions in each city are enabled by regulatory, innovation and financial support and facilitation at the national level.

At the European Viable Cities Day, the city mayors will sign the first edition of the Swedish Climate City Contract, Klimatkontrakt 2030. From the national level, the contract will be signed by the director generals of Swedish public authorities: Robert Andrén, The Swedish Energy Agency; Darja Isaksson, Vinnova and Ingrid Petersson, Formas. At the event, there will also be an award ceremony to acknowledge the leadership and courage of the nine mayors who are pioneering the acceleration of climate efforts in Sweden within the Viable Cities initiative Climate Neutral Cities 2030.

The European Viable Cities Day aims to share knowledge and learn about the role of cities in achieving important societal missions within the context of global, European and national climate and sustainability action as well as how Horizon Europe can support this role. We will explore how Swedish cities and citizens can meet sustainability challenges and how Viable Cities can support and accelerate this development.

Viable Cities is Sweden’s long-term research and innovation programme for smart and sustainable cities with funding from Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas and hosted by KTH.

Join us for this European Viable Cities Day!

Christian Danielsson, Head of the European Commission Representation in Sweden
Olga Kordas, Programme Director Viable Cities, and Associate Professor KTH The Royal Institute of Technology

10.00 Welcome: Allan Larsson, Chairman of Viable Cities, and Christian Danielsson, Head of the EU Commission’s representation in Sweden

10.10 The EU mission climate neutral cities within Horizon Europe: European Commission Director General Jean-Eric Paquet

10.20 Celebration of Viable Cities Champions: European Commission Director General Jean-Eric Paquet

10.25 The Ceremony of signing Klimatkontrakt 2030 (Climate City Contract 2030)
Olga Kordas, Program Director, Viable Cities and Associate Professor KTH

The Mayors of the nine cities:
Ingvar Smedlund, Mayor of Enköping
Axel Josefson, Mayor of Göteborg
Emma Feldman, Mayor of Järfälla
Philip Sandberg, Mayor of Lund
Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Mayor of Malmö
Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm
Hans Lindberg, Mayor of Umeå
Erik Pelling, Mayor of Uppsala
Anna Tenje, Mayor of Växjö

The Director Generals:
Robert Andrén, Director General, The Swedish Energy Agency
Darja Isaksson, Director General, Vinnova
Ingrid Petersson, Director General, Formas
Gunilla Nordlöf, Director General, Tillväxtverket (TBC)

10.35 The way ahead – The cities
The nine Mayors about what happens now

11.05 The way ahead – The Swedish authorities
Director General Robert Andrén, The Swedish Energy Agency; Director General Darja Isaksson, Vinnova; Director General Ingrid Petersson, Formas, and Director General Gunilla Nordlöf, Tillväxtverket (TBC)

11.25 The way ahead – The Swedish government
Elin Olsson, Secretary of State

11.35 Reflections panel
Mikael Östling, Deputy President, KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Sofie Vennerstam, Program Director, Drive Sweden, and Mikael Anneroth, Expert Human and Society Perspective of ICT, Ericsson

11.55 Final words
Allan Larsson and Christian Danielsson

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