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HABIT - Following the water on Mars

Time: Mon 2019-03-18 18.00 - 19.00

Location: Lecture Hall FD5, AlbaNova, Roslagstullsbacken 21

Participating: José Antonio Gordillo Martorell, Luleå University of Technology

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Mars is with its extreme environment very hard to work and perform research in.

First we will fly to Mars to know some of the main environmental features of the planet. You will learn about our “base operations”, for example the important contributions done by Curiosity rover.

Then we will start our science mission, as if we were there as a real space crew. We will think of all possible ways to detect the presence of water on the planet. We will do some simple and safe hands-on experiments.

Finally we will use HABIT as a good example to achieve this goal in a very simple, but brilliant, way! You will be able to touch an exact replica of HABIT, know its main parts, how it will be used and the main scientific goals in the context of the astrobiology mission Exomars 2020.

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