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KTH Debatt - Do we need the universities in the future?

KTH Debatt is a new arena and meeting place for discussing current and important societal issues in research and education. It is a forum where opinions, research results and ideas collide.

Time: Wed 2021-09-15 16.00 - 17.00

Location: Digitalt

Language: Swedish


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Do we need the universities in the future? How will the students view learning and knowledge in 2050? Will today's education be extinct then and what abilities are required for a time travel of this kind? New formats and increased flexibility will probably be in demand. 

Worldwide knowledge and universities are available on screen and borders between countries and universities are blurred. Will it be possible to put together your own education in the future?

Bertil Andersson, former President of NTU in Singapore, gives an introductory speech. Sigbritt Karlsson, the President of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, introduces KTH Debate and Åsa Julin moderates the debate.

The panel:

  • Kristina Axén Olin, the Riksdag's Education Committee
  • Simon Edström, previous Chairman of Sweden's united student unions
  • Leif Kari, vice President for education at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Jenny Larsson, Managing Director Hitachi ABB Power Grids in Sweden
  • Maria Rosendahl, Head of Business Policy at Teknikföretagen
  • Sara Öhrvall, Digitization Expert and Chief Operating Officer på Axel Johnson


The debate will be held in Swedish and the last date for registration is Monday, 13 September.