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Live Zoom Webinar on Supercritical CO2 cycles: theory and applications

Diversification of the energy generation resources is an important step to reach the United Nations’ sustainable goals with respect to Climate Action plan.

Time: Wed 2020-10-07 09.00 - 16.30

Location: Online via Zoom


Mihai Mihaescu

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This demands future power generation technologies adapted to the diverse mix of heat sources, from existing fuels to renewables, e.g. solar and geothermal. One aspect is that the power plants of the future should be able to work in a wide range of temperatures (~200oC-1400oC), in addition to general requirements of higher efficiency and lower capital cost (i.e. compact size). The emerging innovation of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (sCO2) power cycle could potentially offer the solutions to the global climate issues at lower overall plant cost. For example, waste heat recovery systems can use sCO2 as the working fluid to convert waste heat into power, since the sCO2 can interact more efficient and directly with the heat source, eliminating the need for a secondary thermal loop. The aim of this scientific workshop is to gather scientists from Sweden and EU as well as potential industrial partners to assess and to discuss the state-of-the art as well as to introduce its applications in heat pumping and power cycles, turbomachinery and related fluid dynamics via keynote lectures and panel discussions. The Workshop is financed by the KTH - Energy Platform, and supported by School of Engineering Sciences (SCI) and School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM) at KTH. Registration is opened via