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Unite! Managing across cultures

More than a cooperation project between seven universities, Unite! is - above all - a fascinating intercultural adventure. With this first session of workshops within TF7, you will be offered the opportunity to explore some key aspects of interculturality. By the end of this cycle of workshops, you will have examined the basics of intercultural management and increased your listening skills in English!

Time: Thu 2021-05-20 14.00

Participating: Nicolas Robert, Associate Professor, University Grenoble Alpes

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There will come a day when the world is open for business again! Despite COVID 19 and telecommuting, we will have to engage in intercultural relationships at the work place instead of cowering in our own corners! In this webinar/workshop, after a lucid examination of the pitfalls we have to avoid in order to work with people from other cultures, we will look at the well-known Geert Hofstede's model. Yes, this tool is useful, but yes, it is also a tool that can be questioned! 

Participation is welcome from ALL personnel, whether in the administration or the tutoring departments of your university. It is recommended that you sign up for all 3 workshops (as a priority participant) but it is also possible to attend 1 or 2 sessions, if you so wish.

To register, please email and write Unite! as the subject, in addition to that, add what workshop you want to sign up for. 

Link to workshop 1: TRAIN THE EARS! Different accents and intercultural aspects  (March 25th)
Link to workshop 2: What do my values have to do with my job? (April 29th)
Workshop 3: Managing across cultures (May 20th)