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Seminar: Stakeholder engagements in European research projects

Increasing the impacts and broadening stakeholder engagement in support of European research is an essential element to underpin the European added value of Horizon 2020, as well as its successor Horizon Europe. Under different funding schemes, the framework programme supports research and development projects resulting in new products and services including non-technological and social innovation. A project may need to integrate knowledge from stakeholders beyond academic disciplines, for example citizens, user groups, consumer organisations as well as industry representatives, relevant to the project.

Time: Thu 2020-02-13 13.00 - 15.00

Lecturer: Anna Raask, Maria Hagardt, Jonas Anund Vogel

Location: D36 (Gamla styrelserummet), Lindstedtsv.5, KTH Campus

In fact, it is essential for the public funding bodies that their investment in research activities is converted into socio-economic benefits for the society. Thus, the demand for real stakeholder engagement throughout the project life-cycle is becoming more and more embedded in European funding proposals. In short, The European Commission is keen on co-creating the future with citizens and civil society organisations and bringing on board the widest possible diversity of actors that would normally interact with each other, on matters of science and technology.
In order to tackle the recent demands of research funding bodies on stakeholder engagement the Research Support Office (RSO) invites you to a seminar on how to enhance the attractiveness of your funding proposal through including relevant stakeholder engagement activities. The seminar features expert speakers and presentations from Vetenskap och Allmänhet, VA (Public & Science) and KTH Live-in Lab.

13:00 European funding proposals and stakeholder engagement - overview
Anna Raask, Research Support Office
13:15 How to include stakeholder engagement in your EU project?
Maria Hagardt, International Relations & Communications Manager, VA Public and Science
14:00 The Living Lab approach - method for reaching results and impact in cross-disciplinary projects
Jonas Anund Vogel, Manager, KTH Live-In Lab
14:20 Q&A

Registration and more information contact Anna Raask, Senior Research Advisor, RSO.
Coffee and pastries will be served. Please note the seminar will start at 13.00 sharp.