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Seminar: accessible digital systems

Via Zoom and on-site at Digital Futures

Welcome to a seminar about how we can simplify for people with disabilities by adapting our digital systems and how we publish on the web. We will also present and show different projects at KTH that promote inclusion through digital systems. Join on-site at Digital Future's premises or via Zoom; bring your lunch!

Time: Mon 2023-10-09 12.00 - 13.00

Location: Zoom + Digital Futures, Digital Futures Osquars backe 5, plan 2

Video link:

Language: English

Participating: Jan Gulliksen, Stefan Johansson

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About the seminar: accessible digital systems

KTH's JML group has focused on the inclusion of people with disabilities in society through the use of digital tools. Working to make all our digital systems accessible not only improves the use situation for people with disabilities but often also increases the usability for the entire population. The EU legislation mandates it. According to the EU directives, we are mandated to make sure that all our public communication is accessible and, among other things, follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
In this seminar, we intend to demonstrate what interaction is like when some form of disability restricts you and how we could easily overcome these problems in the construction of digital systems and publication on our websites. Also, we will present and demonstrate various initiatives that KTH is engaged with to foster inclusion for everybody through digital systems.

Jan Gulliksen  and Stefan Johansson  leads the seminar. The seminar is arranged by the school's JML group. 

Bring your lunch!


About Jan and Stefan

Jan Gulliksen, better known as ”Gulan” is a professor in Human Computer Interaction at the school of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, former vice president for digitalization and, 2011-2017, former dean of the school of Computer Science and Communication. He has also been heading the accessibility group at KTH created to promote meeting the legislation on accessibility of digital systems and further deepening the knowledge on how to increase participation through inclusive designs.

Stefan Johansson has a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from KTH and is the founder of the company Begripsam that works with the mission of getting the actual endusers (particularly people with cognitive disabilities) involved in the production of digital systems to be used by everybody. Stefan is also affiliated researcher at KTH EECS.