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Student's digital skills: Needs and support

Digital skills encompass various academic and technical competencies that students need to possess. But do they have these skills, and if not, is it something we need to address?

Time: Thu 2023-12-07 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Zoom – no registration

Language: Swedish

Participating: Pontus Juth, KTH Library

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KTH students are expected to possess a variety of digital skills in order to manage their studies. They may be using different software, cooperating and communicating through different digital tools or being aware of cyber security and how it impacts our everyday life. KTH library has, considering our goal ”to prepare the students for the learning environments of the future and ensure that there is appropriate support for the development of the students’ digital skills” (KTH:s VP 2022), done a survey among program managers and an interview study among students.

Welcome to explore the key conclusions and what we can do to develop our operations based on them! This lecture and discussion is primarily aimed at KTH's teachers, but everyone interested is welcome to participate.

The lecture will be in Swedish. No pre-registration is required, just join Zoom  at the specified time.