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Advances in Catalysis

This symposium will feature leading scientists in the field of heterogenous catalysis and electrocatalysis. The focus of their talks will be on fundamental aspects of catalysis, but there will be a clear connection to important applications of the field. The symposium should be of interest to anyone conducting research in the field of catalysis, and although the emphasis is on synthesis and instrumental characterization also theoreticians are likely to find it interesting.

Time: Wed 2024-05-22 13.10 - 16.50

Location: K2, Teknikringen 28

Language: Eng

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The transition to a more sustainable and fossil fuel independent society will require development of improved catalysts and alternative catalytic processes. One example is the replacement of the Haber-Bosch process, which is central for global food production, but consumes around 4% of the world's natural gas production. Another important example is the development of improved electrocatalysts for hydrogen production to facilitate the transition towards a green hydrogen-based economy. Advances in electrocatalysis are instrumental also for the medical field, for example, the next generation of medical sensors will be dependent on highly active and selective catalysts.

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13.10 - Sascha Ott, Uppsala University, Unique Opportunities Presented by Redox Conductive Metal Organic
Frameworks (MOFs)

14.00 - Anders Nilsson, Stockholm University, Operando XPS Studies of CO/CO2 and N2 Catalytic Reduction Reactions

14.50-15.20 - Coffee Break

15.20 - Paula Sebastián Pascual, KTH, Tailoring the Facet Distribution and Surface Active Site´s Structure on Copper Electrocatalysts.

16.00 - Ki Tae Nam, Seoul National University, Chiral Nanoparticles for Electrochemical Catalysis

16.50 - End of Symposium