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235 members – wants to grow

Ove Bayard surrounded by some paintings
Ove Bayard with two of the paintings raffled off in the Art Association's annual lottery. On the left "8or" by Madeleine Pyk (b. 1934), known for her paintings in a naive style. The artist behind 'Rugged pines on the same tragic bog', Linda Lasson (b. 1975), uses only black thread to create her textile paintings. Photo: Christer Gummeson
Published Feb 12, 2024

Hello there, Ove Bayard, long-time chairman of the KTH Art Association, who is hoping for new members – and his successor – for the annual meeting on 21 February.

“All employees are welcome to join. You don't need to know much about art, an interest is all that is needed. It is nice to discover art with its various forms of expression together with others and go to guided exhibitions, visit interesting buildings and places, and make home visits to artists.”

The Art Association currently has 235 members and is approaching its 60th anniversary. Ove Bayard has been chairman since 2006. He says he would like to see someone take over as chairman, and for more people to be open to sitting on the board.

Become a member of KTH's Art Association

Email  if you want to become a member or have any questions. The membership fee is SEK 50 per month and is deducted from your salary. Here you can read more  (in Swedish) about KTH's art association, watch a film and check out the Instagram account.

You would not rather celebrate your 20th anniversary?
“No, it would be good if someone else came in with new ideas. But I feel a responsibility and don't want to leave anyone in the lurch. I'll continue if no one else is interested in the chairmanship. If you want to get a little extra involved in the art association, board work is both stimulating and rewarding. You also get to know more colleagues. It is possible to come in as a co-opted member and try working in co-op with someone. I did that myself before I succeeded Eva Gate.

What have your years as chairman been like?
“Inspiring and very fun. We are a team, the board and the purchasing committee, who work together and come up with activities. On average, we make study visits every two months. In the past, for example, we've seen the Lars Lerin exhibition at Liljevalchs, visited the Spökslottet on Drottninggatan, and Millesgården's "Glass Stress" exhibition with works by Marie-Louise Ekman and the world-famous Ai Weiwei, among others.”

“The association also has some standing items, such as a summer excursion and an art lottery. In this year's draw on 7 February, 35 works were raffled off. For the lotteries, we always endeavour to buy art by living Swedish artists.”

What kind of art do you focus on?
“Traditionally there have been a lot of paintings, but now photography is very popular. It can be anything; sculptures, wood, glass and textiles.”

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Last changed: Feb 12, 2024