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Facelift for the research support pages

Published Nov 06, 2023

The part of KTH's intranet that targets researchers has received a facelift. The entry has been updated with new content and features, becoming a hub for information, support materials, and contacts that researchers may need in their work.

The research pages has a new design.

Researchers at KTH will find it easier to access support and information to carry out their work. That is the aim of the recently launched section on the intranet for researchers . The section features a new design and updated content that places the researcher at the center and is the result of work that began in the spring.

Louise Gustafsson, Research Communications Manager at the Communications department, led the project, which, she explains, adopted a user-centered approach.

Louise Gustafsson, Research Communications Manager

“The project stems from interviews with researchers about the administrative support and information they need, and based on that, we made a target audience analysis. We worked with a user-centered perspective when designing the structure, adding new feautures, and rewriting the content. The section is a place for the researcher and should not rely on how the professional support is organised. Researchers should be able to find what they are looking for in one location or be directed to the right place.”

The project included a working group and steering committee and is a collaboration between the Communications department, the Research Support Office, and KTH Library. A representative from the local professional support was also part of the working group.

“Collaborating widely within the professional support has been a key factor. In the researcher interviews, we could see that most requests were related to content that already exists in various parts of the intranet, but people could not find them. There was a need for more consolidated information, a kind of focal point,” she says.

The new researcher section was launched yesterday, but Louise emphasises that a website is never finished.

“Digital content is always evolving. The launch allows us to see how the researchers’ section works in practice. Is it doing its job? I am confident we will receive valuable, constructive feedback to make it even better and more relevant to the target audience. The plan is also to conduct user testing in the future - that always provides new perspectives.”

If you have input for the new research support pages, please contact Louise Gustafsson .

Project organisation

The project has had a steering group and a working group.

Steering group: Åsa Ankarcrona , Head of Communications, Maria Haglund , University Librarian, and Maria Gustafsson , Head of Department at RSO.

Working group: Marinanne Norén , web editor for KTH's intranet at the Communications Department, ​​​​​​​ Sara Lind , Communication Officer at KTH's Library, Viktoria Halltell , Senior Research Advisor at RSO, Maria Malmqvist , Communication Officer at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Louise Gustafsson , Research Communication Manager at the Communications Department.

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Last changed: Nov 06, 2023