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Lotta Rosenfeldt
Photographer: Marianne Norén

Join old friends and make new friends in Nymble

Published Jan 10, 2019

Would you like to get to know more of your colleagues? Relocation is now launching After Work Evenings in the students’ union building on the KTH Campus. The aim is to encourage new connections and more integration between foreign and Swedish employees at KTH in an enjoyable and relaxing way.

Kårhuset on KTH Campus
Nymble, photographer: Petter Karlberg

Lotta Rosenfeldt of KTH Relocation is responsible for these AW evenings. The first meeting is scheduled for 16 January and then fortnightly throughout the spring.

- The AW meets are intended to be a relaxing and fun affair. The aim is to offer all employees opportunities to socialise and network and get to know each other that bit better.

- We want to create an enjoyable ambiance without any specific agenda or alcohol. Guests will be offered vegetarian soup and bread at cost price.

Each year, up to 1,000 doctoral students, post docs and researchers arrive at KTH. They live in Stockholm and can be based here from a few months to several years. These AW evenings are just one of a number of activities that Relocation organises to help them get to know more about KTH, Stockholm and life in Sweden in general.

- Many newly arrived researchers say that they feel as though they are living in a bubble with a sense of not really being here for real. They find it difficult to become part of the community. Not only in terms of their work but also from a broader perspective - of actually living in Sweden,” Lotta Rosenfeldt says.

The hope is that these AW evenings will break the ice and speed the onboarding process, namely to help newly arrived foreign employees gain an understanding of the organisational culture here and feel an affinity with KTH. She and her colleagues do all they can to make this period as short as possible for each new arrival.

- We’re pretty sure our international colleagues will attend these AW evenings. They are really keen. As a general rule, there is a huge demand amongst them for our various activities. We usually attract 50 to 90 people per event and occasion,” Rosenfeldt adds.

Lotta Rosenfeldt hopes many Swedish colleagues at KTH will also join in. She draws a parallel with the popular study-buddy concept where foreign employees have lunch with a Swedish friend.

- That initiative resulted in many fascinating conversations between Swedish and international KTH colleagues. These lunch meetings also help forge inter-generational friendship ties,” she says.

Text: Marianne Norén

About the AW Evenings

Every fortnight from 16 January in Kårhuset Nymble, KTH Campus. From 16.30-19.00. Look out for additional dates in the intranet calendar.

Pre-registration required. The registration form will be open up to 48 hours before the AW evening or until 70 applications have been received, which is the maximum number allowed.

The SEK 50 charge for the meal, can be paid by Swish at time of registration, or by card on the evening. This is non-refundable.

Relocation will host the first AW Evening. Other departments will have the opportunity to host subsequent AW evenings. Relocation will take care of the catering and registration. If your department wishes to host an AW Evening, please contact Lotta Rosenfeldt, email:  who will explain more about the T&Cs.

AW takes place in "Kröken", Nymble the following dates

  • Wednesday, January 16
  • Tuesday, January 29
  • Tuesday, February 26
  • Tuesday, March 12
  • Tuesday, April 9
  • Wednesday, April 24
  • Tuesday, May 7
  • Tuesday, May 21

AW takes place in the canteen, Brinellvägen 8 the following dates

  • Tuesday, February 12
  • Tuesday, March 26
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