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Let's Activate Together

Published May 07, 2021

Now it's time to sign up for this spring's KTH Active Together, which starts on 18 May. Here are some previous and future participants about what they like about the competition.

"This is important for maintaining good health".

A man wearing a yellow jacket and a bicycle helmet on his head.
Peter Lönn during the competition last autumn. Photo: private

Peter Lönn, a system administrator at EECS, was on the winning team of the previous challenge.
He and his team are now laying out the tactics for the next challenge. The goal is for everyone to do one activity a day, where Peter chooses cycling, power-walks and jogging.

"I think KTH Active is a great idea, especially during the pandemic when you can get a little lazy from not going into work. It's also a great way to do something with your co-workers. It's fun to see what others are doing, what they are writing and posting for pictures. If I physically exert myself, my body and head will feel so much better, and I will avoid stiff joints and reduced fitness. This is important to maintain good health!"

"It's fun to exercise with colleagues"

A young woman with a barbell on her shoulders.
During the pandemic, we took the opportunity to build our gym in the stable on the farm. Photo: private

Sara Nödtveidt, system administrator at Human Resources, GVS, is excited for this spring's competition round.

"KTH Active Together is a fun way to keep going with your colleagues. It gives you that push to take that extra walk, run, or strength training session that otherwise might not have happened. It provides very positive energy."

What do you think about the competition format?

"Among the best things about the competition is that a power walk of 30 minutes counts the same as a marathon. It means that everyone can participate on equal terms, regardless of where they are at their training level at the moment. It is fun and easy to join in."

"It's is also fun with the 'awards' to the group that moves the most, the individual who makes the most significant positive change, the group that peppers each other the most, and the individual who exercise the most. A little reward for the effort is fun."

"KTH Active Together creates a sense of community now when it is almost impossible to meet in person. I appreciate seeing my colleagues' photos from their surroundings in their different neighborhoods and their home environment. It feels personal and creates a sense of cohesion."

"I look forward to the day when I can start biking to KTH!"

A man with a yellow bag standing by a bicycle. In the background a water canal with boats.
Johan C Thorburn used to work in Uppsala and commuted by bicycle 100 km a week. Photo: Samuel Thorburn.

Johan C Thorburn is, since Mars a new communications officer at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE).

Why do you want to join KTH Active Together?

“It’ll be a chance to get to know my new colleagues a little more informally. It is a little extra strange to only work from home when you are new at your job, there are not the same spontaneous ways of contact with colleagues as when you are in the same corridor. So partly that, and then as motivation to get back into to more regular exercise.”

Johan C Thorburn thinks it is important to take the time to use the allocated wellness hour and to incorporate regular exercise in one’s everyday routine.

“In previous jobs, I have taken exercise lunch classes in the same building when offered, or biked all or part of the way to work. I look forward to the day when I can start biking to KTH!

How do you intend to exercise during the KTH Active Together competition?

"We’ve all had cold in the family recently but excluding that I have actually made sure to use my wellness hour every week by going running for an hour. My favorite route is from Reimersholme, where I live - Hornstull – Liljeholmsbron - Gröndal – Essinge islands - Marieberg - Västerbron - Långholmen - Södermalm - Reimersholme. It’s about 6-7 kilometer, seven bridges, six islands and a lot of water!"

"I am also part of the canoe club on Långholmen and have planned to take a kayak trip some day now when the weather starts to get a little better. I actually heard that my team was at Reimersholme and paddled last year as part of KTH Active competition so I hope to be able to attract them there again! It would be fun to meet up, at a safe distance of course."

Words: Josefin Backman, Moa Hörnquist and Marianne Norén

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