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Team IT Support won KTH Active Together

Photo collage of two dogs, gym session on TV, a woman in nature and a man in a bicycle helmet.
The training sessions were carried out during November and December and the participants posted pictures from their various activities in the competition app We +.
Published Jan 15, 2021

This autumn’s session of the KTH Active Together competition during November and December attracted 739 employees that carried out different types of exercises, either individually or in a team and assembled social credits by posting images and encouraging comments. The winning team was IT Support.

Niklas Ekneling, group manager of the IT Department and one of the members of the winning team:

“It was good to see that everyone in the team really did something each day since each work-out activity counted. More people got outside and were more active than they would have otherwise have been, even when the weather was dark and raining.”

How was team-spirit?

“Everyone encouraged, supported and cheered each other on. This pointed towards a great feeling of fellowship. Even those who are normally rather active pushed themselves a little extra. Simply to collect more minutes for the team.”

What were your tactics for the competition?

“We work in a process-oriented manner in Support. It helped us to have the same mindset in the competition. We went through the rules in advance and made sure that everyone in the team knew what was involved and what was expected, and what results we wanted to achieve. In addition, we also had our own chat channel in Slack where we communicated with each other providing support and answering questions.”

What was it like carrying out the competition in last autumn?

“Communicating with and encouraging each other was even more important during this session of the competition as each day brought darker and colder conditions. All the support and communication between team members helped keep motivation up.”

Members in the winning “Team Support” were:

Yisak Abraham, Niklas Ekneling, Christina Helén, Martin Löfgren, Peter Lönn, Agneta Rågård, Katarina Sahlsten, Daniel Silkesjöö.

Teams in second and third place were “KTH Geoinform” and “SCI Management” respectively.

KTH Active Together in numbers

Together, all participants stoked each other up more than 124,000 times with likes, comments, photos and video films. Also, on average, the participants completed 4.5 work-out sessions a week.

On average, they increased their work-out level by 46 percent during the competition period. 85 percent of the participants had two or more work-out sessions a week.

Before We+ started, 21 percent of the participants worked out one session or less a week. Only seven percent remained in this group during the competition period.

The competition succeeded in engaging many employees at KTH who otherwise do little or no exercising. During the competition, on average, participants worked-out 275 minutes a week.

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Last changed: Jan 15, 2021