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New KTH-RES is simpler and more modern

Published Sep 03, 2021

Our KTH-RES travel management system has been updated to an all-new version. The updated system includes a new and more modern user interface, and users can access several smart new functions.

Portrait photo: A smiling woman wearing a pink blouse in front of a light blue wall.
Magda Ousi is responsible for business travel at KTH, which includes system support KTH-RES for the entire travel process. Photo: KTH.

Magda Ousi, Travel Manager at Human Resources, GVS, believes KTH-RES will be easy to use for both travellers, checkers, and attestors.  

Employees at KTH will not need to do anything different to access the new KTH-RES. Logging into the system is the same as before. Once logged in, they will notice the user interface is much more modern and clearer to use.

"It is so different from the old KTH-RES that users will probably feel the new version is an entirely new system," Ousi says before adding:

"The new user interface is more user friendly and provides clearer feedback in green or red, for example, when you do something right or wrong in the system. There are help texts, and it is easier for users to see exactly where they are in the process. However, certain parts can appear unfamiliar at first, for example, when it comes to longer and more complicated journeys."

The new KTH-RES also automatically blocks travel expense forms that are more than 12 months old. It also makes it easier for checkers and attestors as they no longer have to process claims manually.

Portrait photo: A smiling woman wearing glasses in front of a white brick wall.
Christelle Wallin is responsible for the technology behind KTH-RES and provides support in the travel management system to travel managers at the schools. Photo: private.

Christelle Wallin is a system administrator for KTH-RES at Human Resources, GVS. She is a big fan of the smartphone app Spend Catcher. With this app, travellers can photograph their expense receipts and then send them directly to KTH-RES instead of scanning and sending them as attachments. It makes it even easier to check receipts against expenses in the system, as these are automatically added as attachments with each expense. However, travellers still need to save their original paper receipts and attach them with their travel expense forms. 

Another bonus is that the new KTH-RES is integrated with Google Maps, which means Google Maps calculates mileage expenses when the user enters their start and finish destination in the system. Travellers can also save regular trips as favourites in KTH-RES to retrieve them at a later date.

"This makes life simpler for anyone who often makes the same journey and claims mileage for this," says Wallin.

She recommends that users who need support should watch the instruction videos and how-to guides available on the intranet under Get started with the new KTH-RES.  If you need further help, don't hesitate to contact your departmental Travel Administration office.

Words: Marianne Norén


The system change is necessary as the previous version of KTH-RES will no longer work from the end of September. The project group upgrading the travel management system within Common Education and Research Support (GVS) has been working flat out from the start of the year to produce a new version of KTH-RES. A working group with representatives from all our schools was involved in the preparatory work.

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Last changed: Sep 03, 2021