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Photo collage of employees who perform different types of fitness activities.
Outdoor gym, life in the country, nature in Österbotten, cycling through Slussen, kayaking trips and Lake Trekanten were some of the things that caught the eye when competitors shared photos of their exercise sessions.

Activity helps reduce isolation

Published Jun 22, 2020

Almost a thousand employees have been jogging, walking, encouraging and socialising with each other as part of KTH Active Together. We can now crown the winners – at both team and individual level.

Emilie Blomgren
Emilie Blomgren performing her morning exercise.

A total of 939 employees have taken part, all on their own terms, no matter what the kind or level of exercise. As part of this, many employees have started socialising in a new way and stayed in contact with their colleagues with encouraging likes and sharing photos and videos via a special app.

“I have been taking brisk walks, doing strength training and some cycling. We have been conscientious in our team with walking and sharing images of the wonderful nature around us. It has been really fun seeing how my colleagues live and the favourite places they have in their neighbourhood,” says Emelie Blomgren , a management support officer at the KTH School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE School).

She is a member of the Fit and fABEulous team, that won the social score category in the competition, i.e. the team that was best at sharing their experiences and encouraging their team mates.

“We kept going and encouraging each other all the way to the end. I am proud of us – it was truly a brilliant team effort,” she says.

The aim of all these activities has been to make everyday life a bit brighter at a time when many people are working from home – as a break to avoid spending too much time sitting down and being isolated.

Blomgren had just come back to work after maternity leave and was looking forward to seeing her colleagues again when the directive on working from home was announced. The competition has become a new way of creating a new kind of social interaction during the coronavirus pandemic, she explains.

“Despite all that has happened, it has given me a sense of social togetherness with my colleagues. Some of us in the team have even been exercising together – maintaining the recommended distance apart – as we live close to each other. We went kayaking last week.”

Kajsa Uusitalo
Kajsa Uusitalo.

The winning team in the category of the most active group entered under the name Happiest Feet. Kajsa Uusitalo  an HR Administrator at the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health, and part of a four person team, thinks the competition has been a fantastic initiative.

“I go walking and jogging regularly and the competition has given me extra motivation. My outings have also got a bit longer sometimes as I want to find even more interesting motifs for my photographs. I have really enjoyed the initiative and think it has helped many of our employees to break their sense of isolation.”

For family reasons, she has spent the time in Österbotten and has been able to share many beautiful nature images.

“I have taken the opportunity to explore all the forest paths in the area – or at least it feels as though I have. The competition has given me an insight into the everyday lives of my colleagues and I have appreciated their enthusiastic encouragement.”

Winners have also been named at individual level, such as employees who have increased their exercise habits the most. Industrial scholarship doctoral student Adam Ståhlkrantz , of the School of Industrial Engineering and Management, is the winner here, going from zero to seven exercise sessions a week.

The person who has done more exercise than any other entrant is Linda Rose , a lecturer at the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health, who has clocked up 7,370 minutes of exercise during the period.

Text: Christer Gummeson

A few facts and figures about KTH

  • The entrants have encouraged each other over 137,000 times with likes, comments, photos and videos.
  • On average, each entrant did 4.7 exercise sessions amounting to 5 hours and 35 minutes a week.
  • The participants also increased their level of exercise by 43 percent, and 88 percent of them did two or more exercise sessions a week.

The top 15 in the team (a total of 94 teams took part) and individual competitions:

  • Teams - highest average no. of sessions and exercise time: 1) Happiest Feet CBH, 2) Geoinformatics, 3) THE ACTIVATED - ARCH, 4) SIMEX, 5) Fit and fABEulous, 6) The Language League, 7) Team CBL, 8) RSO Tigers, 9) Just do it!, 10) Hållbar utväxling, 11) Fysikadmin, 12) KTH INNOVATION, 13) Team IT, 14) HPU, 15) ITRL.
  • Teams – best “social score”: 1) Fit and fABEulous, 2) RSO Tigers, 3) The Language League, 4) Just do it!, 5) Team CBL, 6) Fysikadmin, 7) Utbildningskansliet ABE, 8) ITRL, 9) THE ACTIVATED - ARCH, 10) Team IT, 11) ErgoMotion, 12) KTH INNOVATION, 13) Hållbar utväxling, 14) ISE, 15) HannaSaras hjältar.
  • Individuals – greatest improvement before and after competition: 1) Adam Ståhlkrantz, 2) Joshua Kumpati, 3) Mats Boij, 4) Ramis Örlü, 5) Torbjörn Bäck, 6) Per-Arne Lindqvist, 7) Cecilia Olah, 8) Christina Carlsson, 9) Alexandra Rudyk Kinnander, 10) Nina Karlstedt, 11) Joakim Jalden, 12) Fredrik Sidoli, 13) Viktoria Bylund, 14) Hanna Bernemyr, 15) Madeleine Sidoli.
  • Individuals – most sessions per week and total exercise time: 1) Linda Rose, 2) Louise Sköldberg; 3) Charlotte Hurdelbrink; 4) Nina Ebkar, 5) Malin Hedengran, 6) Mia Brandelius, 7) Björn "Blixten" Kjellgren, 8) Aksel Malmström, 9) Anton Boström, 10) Henrik Grimler, 11) Niklas Ekneling, 12) Sara Öhman, 13) Deniz Yildiz, 14) Anette Rudholm, 15) Fredrik Björklund.
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