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About the salary process

Published Jan 18, 2021

During 2020 the central agreements where postponed due to the current pandemic. However, the central and local agreements have now been negotiated and the salary review can therefore take place.

As an employee at KTH you are entitled to a salary dialogue with your closest manager. The salary dialogue should focus on your work performance during the past period of agreement (20191001 - 20200930) in relation to current salary criteria. During the dialogue, you have the opportunity to explain your work and contributions. It is important that you and your manager are well prepared to ensure a good salary dialogue.

Joint information from KTH and the relevant unions concerning the 2020 salary review  gives you salary statistics, schedule over the salary review and other useful information about different models for salary setting, what characterizes a good salary dialogue, salary level criteria’s etc.

The new salaries are valid from October 1st 2020.

HR Department at University Administration (GVS)

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Last changed: Jan 18, 2021