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Careers Week Helps Researchers to Take the Next Step

Published Oct 28, 2019

KTH has gathered a number of useful seminars and workshops under the umbrella of our Careers Week, which takes place during the first week of November. These events are aimed at all researchers and doctoral students at KTH who may be considering the next step in their careers.

The purpose of Careers Week is to offer comprehensive support that can assist you in taking the next step. Perhaps you are a doctoral student at KTH and pondering how to move on with your professional life once you have completed your dissertation? Perhaps you have worked in academia as a researcher in a niche field for many years and you are now seeking a broader perspective on the opportunities professional life has to offer? Perhaps you come from abroad and would like to learn more about seeking employment in Sweden and about the cultural codes that apply here?

Whether you see your future in academia or would like leave it behind and are looking for a route into the private sector, Careers Week has something to offer you.

Careers Week organisers, KTH’s Relocation/HR Division within Joint Operations Support (GVS), are delighted to welcome both foreign and Swedish postdoctoral fellows and researchers to the events arranged during the week on the KTH Campus.

All events will be conducted in English. Please contact Lotta Rosenfeldt at HR/Relocation if you have any questions about Careers Week.

Events, programme and registration

Wednesday 6 November, seminar: What's a recruiter's mindset?

What is a recruiter and why should you care? Recruiters: not only for CEOs. They can be your personal job coach. Information and registration

Thursday 7 November, seminar: How to succeed with your grant application

We guide you through the various funding opportunities and show you where to find them. We will also offer a brief explanation of how to write a successful research proposal. Information and registration

Friday 8 November, workshop: How to survive a job interview

Take this opportunity to practice your interview technique with coaching from a recruitment professional. Information and registration

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