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KTH among top 50 universities in global sustainability ranking

Aerial view of a large brick building at the KTH Campus.
Photo: Jann Lipka.
Published Jun 01, 2023

KTH drops five places on the latest Times Higher Education Impact Ranking, but the result is still satisfying, considering the increasing number of universities participating. “We continue to identify ways to improve our work,” says head of KTH Sustainability Office, Kristina von Oelreich.

KTH lands at number 46 on the latest THE ranking of the most sustainably driven universities in the world. This is five places lower than in 2022, although the number of participants has increased from 1,406 to 1,591 universities.

The ranking assesses universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The overall ranking is led by Western Sydney University followed by University of Manchester.

Universities decide how many of the 17 goals they want to be assessed on. KTH was assessed on eight of them. Among these, KTH scores highest on Goal 17 (“Partnership for the goals”) where the university is ranked 27th.

The university receives its lowest score on energy consumption (Goal 7, “Affordable and clean energy”).

“Our sustainability policy states that KTH should be a leading technical university within sustainable development. We are pleased to still be among the top 50 universities, despite the increasing competition. But there is room for improvement ahead of next year’s ranking,” says Kristina von Oelreich.

Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022

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