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Reporting incidents, risks and injuries made easier

Poster with QR-code for reporting accidents digitally
Published Oct 29, 2021

The process for reporting incidents, risks and occupational injuries at KTH is now simpler. In the new IA-system (Information System about Work Environment), the previous manual system is replaced with a digital system.
“This makes things easier for everyone concerned and we get a better overview of the cases,” says Mikael Visén, HR Specialist at KTH. “The goal is to strengthen KTH’s strategies for improving the work environment.”

Starting 1 November, people who work, study or have other connections with KTH can report incidents in the work environment via a digital interface.
The responsible manager will receive the report directly in the IA-system, as well as an automatic email about the incident.

Mikael Visén portrait
“With the new digitalised system we hope that more risk observations and incidents will be reported, so that we can prevent accidents from happening,” says Mikael Visén, HR-specialist at KTH.

“This is a more efficient way of working for managers, safety officers and other people working with investigating and following up on incidents,” Visén says.

Everything concerning the reported incidents is now gathered in one system.
”I know that KTH employees are good at following up when there’s an incident, but the reporting percentage needs to be higher. It gives us a chance to find patterns and come up with more strategic solutions, rather than just fixing every isolated incident,” he says.

At the CBH School, the digital system has been in use for a while and according to Dean Mikael Lindström, the pilot project has shown promising results.

“When we implemented the system there was a great deal of interest and we educated both managers and safety officers,” Lindström says.
“The education led to interesting discussions. Now we have a designated contact person at HR who supports the system’s users, which include managers who report measures taken in response to incidents.”

Poster with QR-code for reporting accidents

What are the benefits of digitalising incidents, risks and injury reports?
“We receive more reports—primarily concerning risk observations and near misses —which is important in order to improve the work environment. Reports have become easier to follow up on, even at the school level. And through the new system we get a better overview,” Lindström says.

How has the digitalisation of the report process been received by co-workers at KTH?
“My understanding is that it’s been well received. You can easily find the report site in multiple ways, with the help of a QR-code that appears on posters on school premises and through a link on the KTH intranet. More employees and students seem to find the system now than before it was digitalised.”

Katarina Ahlfort
Photo: Mikael Visén


  • Risk observation – Aha! An observed risk for an accident.
  • Near miss– Oh! A near miss means that somebody could have been injured.
  • Accident – Ouch! An accident means that somebody has been injured.
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Last changed: Oct 29, 2021