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New phase in the development of UA

Portrait of Johanna Stellan.
Johanna Stellan, Head of Administration at ABE, is the project manager for the work as the development of UA enters a new, more concrete phase.
Published Jan 31, 2024

On 26 January, KTH's University Director made a decision on how the development of the University Administration will be implemented more precisely through a supplementary programme directive showing how the previous directional decision will be implemented.
Johanna Stellan, Head of Administration at the ABE school, will be the project manager.

"My task is to keep the different parts together and, together with my colleagues, implement the directional decision made on 6 December. We are doing this work together in the University Administration - of course, in close cooperation with the heads of department and with HR and employee organizations in the ongoing change journey, and with the employees concerned and other activities," Johanna Stellan describes her assignment.

The supplementary programme directive mentions four areas: management support at schools, coordinated teams at departments, co-organization of HR, finance and communications, and a new funding model - how will you work on these and in what order?

“Initially, there is a strong focus on the organizational placement of staff, as the directional decision has indicated that the co-organization should be in place by 1 April 2024. The work linked to the co-organization is divided into three phases: organizational placement, needs analysis and organization.”

When phase 1 is completed, needs analyses will be carried out, which will then form the basis for how we can best organize ourselves in the support areas. Within the framework of this work, we will also look at how we can design coordinated teams with different competencies that provide efficient and accessible support to the institutions. In parallel with phase 1, work will begin to look at how a model with common principles for financing support can be designed in the best possible way.

You will work on this half-time and the other half will continue as Head of Adminstration at ABE - what are the advantages of this as you see it?

“The big advantage is of course that the link to the school's activities is maintained. The directional decision is clear that the operational support should be close to the business and based on the needs of the business.”

Your assignment runs through 2024. How will this affect UA on 1 January 2025?

“When we reach 2025, KTH will hopefully have come a long way towards an HR, finance and communication support system that is even more adapted to the needs of KTH's activities. We are working for uniform processes where relevant and equivalent support throughout KTH. All in all, this will result in a less vulnerable organization that is perceived to be of high quality and cost-effective.”

The decision on supplementary programme directive for the University Administration at KTH can be read in its entirety (in Swedish) on the page on joint and coordinated University Administration . Programme directives set out the structure and framework for how the work is to be planned and carried out in order to implement the assignments listed in the previously adopted focus decision. You can also find Q&A about the devolopment at the UA.

Text: Jill Klackenberg

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Last changed: Jan 31, 2024