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New Operational Plan shows the way

KTH´s five campuses.
The Operational Plan, which the President decided on 22 November, sets out the direction for KTH in the coming years.
Published Nov 23, 2022

The KTH Operational Plan for 2023–25 stakes out the direction and strategic focus for the university over the next few years.
“We are tying up loose ends by completing and delivering on various existing initiatives, while also laying the foundation for the continued development of KTH. The strained general economic situation is forcing us to be quite restrictive when it comes to new investments,” says President Sigbritt Karlsson, who has just made a decision on KTH’s Operational Plan.

The first year of the Operational Plan, which comes into effect on 1 January 2023, runs simultaneously with the final year of the Development Plan for 2018–2023. Work on the Operational Plan has been under way since August, and the plan was drafted and refined together with the Heads of School and other members of KTH’s management and different groups within the Support services. All areas of the Development Plan – which is based on the four principles of Digitalisation, Sustainable Development, Internationalisation and Equality– also permeate the Operational plan, and more specifically what needs to be done, when, and who is responsible for ensuring it gets done, whether in education, research or collaboration. The plan also clarifies the President’s mission for the schools and Support services, which will also prepare their own operational plans.

Measures already taken

The Operational Plan includes a series of measures that are already under way, such as work on future education, implementation of the RAE results and the joint and common Support services.

Portrait of Sigbritt Karlsson.
Sigbritt Karlsson.

“Many aspects of the Development plan I introduced in 2018 have now been completed, and others have progressed well and will continue moving forward. Gender equality integration, the working environment and international work with priority countries are some of the other areas KTH will continue to work on the coming years. Reviewing premises and resource models is also an important area, and work here will continue as well.”

“I’m not really concerned about the financial situation since we are implementing a planned, systematic review of the costs.

Who should read the Operational plan?

“I hope and believe that all staff have an interest in reading it, and indeed each of the schools, to see where KTH is headed. It provides a good outline of what we want to achieve.”

A new President is starting on 1 December, who has to follow the new Operational Plan decided on by you. How does that work?

“It's as it usually when you change President. As a new President you take over in an ongoing business, it was the same for me when I started. You get an operational plan to work on.”

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Text: Jill Klackenberg

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Last changed: Nov 23, 2022