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Proposed President on his visions

Man on a stage behind a camera and the audience.
During the hearing and presentation moderated by Tina Karrbom Gustavsson, the proposed candidate Anders Söderholm gave his picture of KTH in the future.
Published May 17, 2022

In front of over 120 people in Alfvensalen and over 200 people online, Anders Söderholm shared his thoughts and visions about becoming the next President of KTH.

The chair of the Nomination Committee, Pia Sandvik, began the hearing by giving a description of the recruitment process and members of the Nomination Committee talked in brief about why they nominated Anders Söderholm to be the new President.

Longing to return

The points raised during the presentation and hearing of Anders Söderholm included everything from the importance of good interaction between the line organisation and faculty, to how to build both identity and a quality culture at KTH as a leading university.

“I have worked in the university sphere almost all my life. As soon as I am away from it, I long to return.” This was the opening statement of Söderholm’s 15-minute address on how he wants to develop KTH and take it to the next level – if he becomes the next President.”

Portrait of Anders Söderholm.
Anders Söderholm, proposed as KTH´s next President from 1 December .

He described universities as being disobedient and unpredictable, among other things, and therefore hugely exciting for an academic citizen.

Against the backdrop of a full PowerPoint presentation entitled KTH – A leading international university of technology that creates knowledge and expertise for a sustainable future, Söderholm detailed his views and the importance of good recruitment, a good work environment, and close and clear interaction between the line organisation and the faculty system that should also include the students and their influence.

“A strong line organisation and strong faculty build success.”

Anders Söderholm also stressed the importance of effective operational support, and that collaboration should not be viewed as a third pillar alongside research and development, but rather all three should be seen as mirror images of each other.

Inverted hierarchy

He also talked about his views of the university and its inverted hierarchy, where those at the bottom have the expert knowledge, and the importance of maintaining the right perspective and proximity to the operation in order to make big decisions.

“Gender equality is a primary issue in achieving success and is not an end in itself, but rather a means in the journey towards success.”

The address was followed by a Q&A session moderated by Tina Karrbom Gustavsson, Professor, the School of Architecture and the Built Environment and a member of the Nomination Committee. The questions ranged from views on university engineers to recruitment processes, remote working and dialogue-based leadership.

A recording of the presentation and hearing is available .

Staff and students have an opportunity to submit comments on the proposed new President of KTH. Views should be e-mailed to by Thursday 26 May. The Nomination Committee will compile the questions and comments for the board, which will decide on 20 June on proposing a candidate for President to the government. The government will then make a decision on an appointment at some point in autumn. If the process proceeds as planned, Anders Söderholm will take up his position as President of KTH on 1 December.

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Last changed: May 17, 2022