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The KTH website has a new look

Published Apr 18, 2024

Due to KTH's updated graphic profile, the website has undergone a series of design changes.

The new look mainly focuses on the following:

  • Colors and fonts on the website follow the graphic profile.
  • The page header and the personal menu above have a new layout. The links to the external website, the Student Web and KTH Intranet can now be found as tabs in the personal menu.
  • The external website, the Student web and KTH Intranet have different color themes, which for example can be seen in the different background colors of the page headers.
  • Translations of pages are reached via link in the page header.

The new look has been introduced on most of KTH's web applications, but you may end up on pages that still have the old look. The work to update these is ongoing.

Read more about KTH's visual identity .

If you have comments on the new web design, please drop your feedback in the message box below.

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Last changed: Apr 18, 2024