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Co-operation key in the development of UA

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THe University Administration is being developed to optimally support research and education
Published Mar 22, 2024

How should the University Administration best support research and education? How should UA and the faculty work together in the best possible way?
These are some of the questions that are ventilated and discussed continuously even now that the next step is taken through a decision on how employees in UA should be organized.

“The decision is a way to coordinate important basic administrative functions and make the handling equivalent in the overall administration to support our research and education in the best possible way. We have now taken a comprehensive approach and are investing in coordinating what can be done more efficiently together and in further adapting the University Administration to the needs of schools and departments as the next step in the development," says Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director, who made the decision.

Maria Håkansson is head of the Department of Urban Planning and Environment at the ABE School. She participates in the university director's Head of Department Advisory Board with heads of department from all schools to discuss and analyze how UA can be developed in the best possible way in relation to the needs of research and education.

Match the needs

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Maria Håkansson.

"One of the most important things is that faculty and UA work together, build trust and respect for each other's expertise. In UA, it is important that it is people who really know the day-to-day operations, for example in a department,"says Håkansson.

However, she also points out that while basic administrative procedures can and should be the same, support must be customized for each department.

- They all look different, are different sizes, some have more research projects and less teaching and vice versa. The support and expertise must be able to match this in a good way. This benefits KTH.

Cooperation the key

Other things she mentions are that "we should be nice in the dialogue with each other because we are also each other's work environment" and that language is important, to remember that our respective expert jargon can mean a risk of misunderstanding or conflict just because we do not understand each other.

Potrait of a woman in glasses.
Kerstin Jacobsson.

“ Smooth administrative structures are one part, reciprocity, accessibility and professionalism other important parts when building effective business support. It is crucial that we base our development on co-operation," Jacobsson says.

What do you hope for when the development of VS is completed in autumn 2026?

"We have had very good support, so I think it is important that it does not get worse but rather strengthens the feeling that we are working together for the common goal of raising KTH's education and research one more level,” Håkansson says.

About the decision

The University Director's decision (in Swedish) on the organizational placement of the co-organization of UA, number V-2023-0890, includes various parts:
- Co-organization of HR, finance and communication

- Those working on the audit of travel and expenses are part of the human resources department.

- A school controller is introduced in the schools' management offices to work on assignments from the head of school and prefects, operational planning and financial control, and to be part of a network of controllers.

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Text: Jill Klackenberg

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Last changed: Mar 22, 2024