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The latest annual report out now

Borggården at KTH Campus in the snow.
Published Feb 22, 2021

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology 2020 annual report is now available for reading. It contains a comprehensive account of KTH’s operations for 2020, a year which was partly characterised by the pandemic.

Åsa Gustafson, Head of University Management Office, explains why reading the facts and figures in the annual report is essential:

"It is good to have an idea of KTH as a whole".

"The document contains comprehensive information about what took place at KTH last year. Reading the annual report will provide you with a good overview of KTH’s activities and organisations".

The pandemic made 2020 a particular year – how is this reflected in the annual report?

"KTH was affected by the pandemic last year, but not to the extent we had feared.

For example, student performance was just as good as previous years – if not a little better. However, the pandemic has taken its toll on exchanges. Many international students returned home, or could not come to Sweden, and KTH students were unable to go on their exchanges abroad”.

And research?

“Many teachers were forced to spend much of their working hours on the transition to online teaching. This, in turn, resulted in their own research being put on the back burner at times.

At the same time, funding has been allocated to research and other work related to COVID-19. KTH has received recognition for our excellent research results”.

How about the returns compared to 2019?

"KTH’s financial position remains strong and stable. Changes compared to 2019 are related to COVID-19. The cost of education has increased somewhat, and at the same time, it has not been possible to use up some of the funding allocated to research. This is partly due to KTH having had to focus on the changeover to conducting all courses and programs via distance last spring and a significant level of online teaching in the autumn,” says Åsa Gustafson.

Words: Marianne Norén

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