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Protesting campers in the courtyard

Published May 14, 2024

Around 30 students have set up camp in KTH's courtyard in protest against the war in Gaza.

KTH's President Anders Söderholm.

"Our mission and focus is education and research. As a university, KTH does not take a political stance and is therefore not the sender of the protests, even if they take place on our campus," says KTH President Anders Söderholm.

Similar protests are taking place at a number of universities around Sweden and in the United States.

Many people at KTH have received emails and questions by phone about the protests and how KTH views them.

"Students and employees are of course entitled to express their opinions, but the campus is a place where everyone should feel comfortable and welcome," says Anders Söderholm.

The police are on site in the courtyard and assessing how to handle the protests.

When students want to organize an event on campus, they must first draw up a right of use agreement with KTH and the landowner, Akademiska Hus. This has not been done in this case.

Lectures and activities continue as usual. KTH is continuously monitoring developments.

Text: Jill Klackenberg

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Last changed: May 14, 2024