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THE-summit at campus

Published Mar 02, 2020

Meet Stefan Östlund, Vice President for global relations, and organizer of the THE Innovation and Impact Summit Conference that is being held at KTH from 22-24 April. Why is KTH hosting this initiative?

Stefan Östlund, Vice President for Global relations and overall international cooperations

Update: The THE Summit is postponed  due to the new coronavirus.

“To make KTH even more visible internationally and to showcase our strengths within innovation and sustainable development. Higher visibility will boost our ranking which, in turn, will improve our opportunities, especially on the international stage.”

What is the conference about?

“The focus will be on how university ecosystems for innovation can promote sustainable development in society. It will include plenty of inspirational lectures and opportunities to initiate talks.” Read the article

Will the conference be noticeable on the KTH Campus?

“We are expecting between 250-300 delegates who will be easily recognisable by their classic delegate ID cards round their necks. The route from the metro station to Q1 will be lined with flags and naturally, you will be able to see from the heating plant chimney during the conference days, that something special is happening.”

As an employee at KTH, can I attend?

“Of course, everyone is welcome, but KTH employee will have to buy a ticket like everyone else. Tickets for the conference will cost around SEK 7,800 if you register  before 11 March.” 

What are you looking forward to most at the conference?

“Hearing the results of this year’s THE Impact Ranking. I think this will be a very exciting moment in the conference. We did very well in the ranking last year, but far more universities will be included this year.

Of, and of course. I’m also looking forward to seeing the smiles on the faces of the conference delegates at the dinner in Stockholm City Hall.”

Jill Klackenberg