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Together we can make KTH safer and more secure

Printed information about safety and securit at KTH on a notice board.
Safety and Security at KTH provides employees and students with quick guidance in the event of an accident or serious incident.
Published Feb 05, 2024

We need to create a better security culture at KTH, says Christina Boman, Head of Security. She has now produced two printed materials to promote security on our premises, in order to reduce theft and to help everyone to act wisely in difficult and threatening situations.

A sticker with text in Swedish and a figure representing a thief.

One of the printed materials is a sticker for a campaign with the message to dare to ask who you let through the door. The sticker will be placed as a reminder at all doors with card readers on all campuses.

"The aim is to encourage staff and students not to let in unknown people who do not have an access card, and to raise awareness at KTH of the importance of security," says Christina Boman.

The sticker features a thief figure, which Boman says is needed to draw attention to the message.

"Since the text on the sticker is only in Swedish, the illustration helps everyone at KTH to understand what is to be prevented."

A higher education institution has many open environments, which, from a security perspective, according to Boman places demands on everyone who spends time here.

A blond woman wearing a light blue shirt sitting behind a table.
Christina Boman is the Head of the security and safety department at KTH. Photo: Magnus Glans.

"The theft of computers, mobile phones and other valuables needs to be reduced," she emphasises, adding:

"We can help each other to feel more secure in our premises and activities."

Many of KTH's entrance doors have a built-in delay when they close to make it easier for people with disabilities to pass.

"This is a deliberate measure, but the consequence can be that unauthorised persons more easily can get in. With this campaign, we are countering tailgating.

The second printed material, Safety and Security at KTH, is a collection of instruction sheets with different themes. The design resembles a wall calendar. It provides clear guidance on how employees and students should act if an injury or other serious incident occurs at KTH, and who to contact.

"The brochure is needed to increase awareness and security for everyone in the organisation. It helps us to ask wise questions and make good decisions in various challenging situations," says Boman.

Safety and Security at KTH will be available in all activities at KTH in connection with the evacuation plan. Also, the printed material will be placed where many people spend time, such as in copy rooms, kitchens, lecture theatres and other public areas. The information is also available on KTH's intranet and KTH's student website.

Text: Marianne Norén

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Last changed: Feb 05, 2024