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Pilot project Treatment and Interaction

We are, as we all know, each other's work environment. Through your treatment and interaction, you can contribute to the general well-being at work. You can also improve collaborations. When we develop and improve our treatment and interaction, we also promote and develop the cooperation between colleagues, as well as the development of the good dialogue at KTH.

Lunchtime lectures in April and May

We invite all co-workers to two different lunchtime lectures on Treatment and Interaction. One of them is also in English. The lectures aim to give you tools to strengthen your teamwork by developing and strengthening your own treatment towards others. The lectures also aim to increase your understanding of how you can prevent occurrences of unwelcome behaviour through

Sign up for the respective lunchtime lecture. Maybe your colleagues can join you!? You will be offered a simple vegetarian lunch in connection with the lecture.

About the treatment project

Within the pilot project, a number of HR officers at KTH are also trained in leading group exercises to develop and strengthen treatment and interaction within work groups. Do you find this interesting for your work group? If so, talk to your manager. The manager, in turn, is welcome to contact the school HR manager for a dialogue on how HR can assist in developing and improving treatment and interaction in your work group.

Do you have questions about the pilot project Treatment and Interaction? Contact a representative in the working group:
Lotta Gustavsson  extension 7073
Elizabeth All  extension 4411
Maria Salling  extension 7080

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Last changed: Mar 31, 2023