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What do a local representative do?

The role of the local union representatives is to be a negotiating counterpart in local issues, provide information to the members and to be a work environment representative at the workplace.

The role as a workplace representative includes:

  • Support and represent members
  • Listen and feedback questions from and to members
  • Be a link between members and the local union board
  • Cooperate with safety officers
  • Possibilty to represent members in the collaboration groups at KTH - read more about collaboration at KTH here: Collaboration at KTH
  • Support members who want help and, if necessary, participate in negotiations/discussions with the employer
  • Participate in employments of new staff
  • Engage and recruit new members
  • Inform members about current issues and what activities ST offers
  • Contribute to developing members' skills in trade union matters
  • Welcome new ST members