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Collaboration at KTH

Collaboration agreements regulate how collaboration is to take place between management, employees and trade unions, both for development and for the collaboration obligations according to the Co-determination Act and the Work Environment Act.

The collaboration process

The goal of the collaboration agreement is to create a foundation for a positive work climate, good health and a work environment that is characterized by influence, participation and development for employees. 

Staff collaboration

Development dialogues

The development dialogue is a prepared, annual discussion between the employee and his/her immediate manager. Its aim is to identify measures that develop both operations and the employee, with the goal of improving operations and the work environment.

Development dialogues

Local workplace or team meetings (APT)

Local workplace or team meetings, so called APTs (arbetsplatsträffar) should be held regularly and the contents of these meetings are regulated in contracts.

Every KTH staff member has the right to obtain continuous information from his or her nearest superior regarding matters of current interest. This is to include issues of common interest to all KTH staff as well as issues of specific interest to one local place of work, or one working team.

Local workplace or team meetings (APT)

School collaboration groups

Collaboration shall take place at the level at which decisions are made. At the school level, this is done in School Collaboration Groups (skolsamverkansgrupper, SSG).

School Collaboration Groups

The central collaboration group

At the central level, collaboration takes place in the Central Collaboration Group (Centrala samverkansgruppen, CSG).

Central Collaboration Group

Preparatory committees for subject areas

The Central Collaboration Group has appointed joint preparatory committees for different subject areas:

  • Human Resources Planning Committee (Personalplaneringskommitté, PPK)
  • Committee for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Conditions (CSG-JML)
  • Work Environment Committee
  • Editorial Committee

The Central Collaboration Group’s committees

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