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ST-KTH Avd 214/10 is a party-political independent trade union

ST organizes its members according to the principle one workplace - one trade union. Everyone who works at KTH is welcome as a member, regardless of education, position and duties.

ST can help you with:

  • Negotiation, for example salary and terms
  • Offer judicial support in work related law 
  • Arrange union programmes, courses, events and network meetings
  • Provide advice and guidance related to your workplace
  • Exercise influence with purpose to improve the conditions on your workplace
  • Support vocational progress  
  • Offer advantageous insurances and membership loans for you and your family

Read more about ST and member services at

Please get in touch with ST here at KTH via email  We are happy to answer your questions!

The new Aliens Act: Joint statement

On October 18, ST together with several other Swedish unions sent a joint statement to the politicans responsible for the new rules regarding permanent residency for doctoral students and other early-career researchers. Read the full statement here!

Offer for new members first 6 months only 50 kr a month!