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The house of Wallquist

The building on Villagatan 19 belongs to Professor Gunnar Wallquist's Donation Fund, which is managed by KTH. The apartment on the top floor is mainly to be used as an representative environment for receiving and entertaining guests to KTH.

The apartment is to be used for external representation, meaning meetings aimed at the outside world, i.e. a purpose to create or maintain good relations with external contacts regarding research, education, funding etcetera.

The apartment can also be used for employee functions when there are special events where a dignified environment can be significant, such as gatherings in connection with KTH's academic celebrations. These requests must be approved by the booking manager.

The apartment is located on the third floor and lacks elevator access.  

The apartment is equipped with wifi, computer screen and whiteboard, and has the following premises to offer:

  • Conference room for max 12 people
  • Group room
  • Dining room from 18-40 people depending on the event
  • Lounge
  • Library

Villagatan 19, Stockholm

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More about the apartment and the house

The house was built in 1880 by Hjalmar and Axel Kumlien. The lower two floors of the building were formerly guest accommodation for KTH's visiting researchers and are today office space.

According to the will, the top floor that was the professor's residence, is to serve as a "culturally oriented representation space" for KTH's guests and is largely preserved in the way that it was at the time of the owner's death in 1971. In 2018, the floor underwent a major renovation and today serves as a representation floor for KTH's employees.

About Professor Gunnar Wallquist

Professor Gunnar Wallquist graduated with a degree in mining engineer from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 1917. Wallquist worked for twelve years as a production engineer in the Swedish steel industry. In 1929 he returned to KTH as professor of iron processing and handling.

Apart from managing the building, it is stated in the will that the foundation is to award two medals. Read more about the medals here:

Professor Wallquists bergsmedalj (in Swedish)

Professor Wallquist study medal


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