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Service number 9200

On the Service number 9200 we will help you convey your request to the appropriate department.
Ordinary telephone hours: Weekdays 08.00-16.30 (open until 22.00 for forgotten things in lecture halls/rooms).
For urgent issues, please call 08-790 9200
Opening hours during Maundy Thursday: 08:00-12:00
Please note that it´s closed during Holidays and working day between holidays, on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and Midsummer Eve.

Example of errands:

AV-equipment in lecture rooms that do not work
Changing bulbs
Cleaning of premises
Electric locks and doors that doesn't work
Forgotten things in lecture halls, rooms etc
Notification of errors
Opening and closing of halls
Report of lost access cards
Ordering of signs
Ordering of tables chairs and tablecloths for conferences and acknowledgments
Party Reports
Waste disposal
VVS-issues like electricity, heat and water

Forgotten valuables in lecture halls.

In cases where a student has forgotten private objects in one of KTH's lecture halls, please call 08-790 9200 (KTH's service number) during office hours and someone from the Property Department will come out to the hall and help the student get their belongings back.
However, there has not been anyone to contact or anyone who can come out and help after office hours, which has been problematic, especially for those students who have forgotten things in a lecture hall and do not have access to them.

We have now received a call forwarding of the service number to an external operator who will receive calls that come in on 08-790 9200 until 22.00. The operator will send the case forward to KTH's security guard who will contact the student and inform when the student can get help. The operator will only be able to help with this type of case, other cases handled by the service number need to be received during office hours.

Please note that the KTH's security guard does not come immediately, but prioritize the tasks for the moment and announces an approximate time when they can come and assist with the opening of the hall so that the student can pick up their belongings. If, for example, the security guard is patrolling a building, it will be completed before the security guard goes on with the matter of locked up things. The guards assist with this type of case on all of KTH's campus areas.

The student who has forgotten their things will have to leave a description of the things that are locked up and provide identification to KTH's security guard. The student will not be able to stay in the room but will have to find an open study place to continue their studies. If a student can’t or does not want to identify themselves, the student will not be allowed to pick up any belongings, but KTH's guards will collect the forgotten items and hand them in as lost property in KTH Entrance.

E-mail addresses can be found below:

  • Report Error (Craftsmen, Security group, Akademiska Hus, Cleaning Service.)

Form for error reporting

  • Access card errands, keys, opening and closures of lecture rooms. (Card Office, Security group)


NOTE! Booking of premises is made at the room booking.

Phone: 08-790 9400
Room booking

  • Maintenance Services


  • Custodial Services


  • Application of meetings for students and staff

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