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Mikael about the staff meeting

Published Nov 11, 2021

Head of School Mikael Lindström on Wednesday's staff meeting at the CBH School.

We were pleased that more than 100 people attended the staff meeting on Wednesday. For those of you who did not have the opportunity to participate, there is a new chance tomorrow Friday at 12-13 ( ). We take up the latest developments at the school and both vice principal Amelie Eriksson Karlström and GA Mats Nilsson participate. Amelie talks about how the latest recruitments have turned out and Mats tells how we can all start thinking about education now that the pandemic does not set the limits.

The Swedish Research Council (VR) is Sweden's largest government research funder and provides support for research of the highest scientific quality in all areas of science. Every year, VR supports Swedish research with almost SEK 7 billion.

In the Swedish Research Council's big call for grants in science and technology 2021, the CBH School stands out! We have won no less than 14 grants and among the "top five" departments at KTH are two from the CBH School: Chemistry and Fiber and polymer technology. Congratulations to all!