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Amelie on the budget process

Published Feb 21, 2024

Head of School Amelie Eriksson Karlström writes about the work on an updated budget for 2024.

At the CBH school, intensive work is currently underway to complete an updated budget for 2024. The general budget that the school submitted just before Christmas showed a negative result of about SEK 92 million and the President has requested an updated budget that also shows results at department level. Our financial department is therefore now working on this together with heads of department, heads of division and group leaders, and the budget will be ready by mid-March.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone at the school who is involved in the budget work and makes great efforts to get everything ready in time!

I have understood that many people are worried about the poor economy at KTH and the possible consequences for us at the CBH school. So far, we in the school management do not have enough information to make any decisions, but we hope that it will be clear soon. There will soon be an updated budget at institution and department level for 2024 and we are also analysing the results for 2023.

As soon as there is a good basis, it will be possible to draw up action plans for those parts of the organisation where finances are particularly strained. This may involve adjustments in both research and education, and we will need to review our utilisation of premises. I would like to return as soon as there is more information.