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Amelie on the campus decision

Published Nov 29, 2023

As you have probably seen on KTH's intranet and in other media, last week KTH's Board of Directors made a decision to move operations from Campus Södertälje and Campus Kista (except for the Electrum Laboratory) to KTH Campus and Campus Flemingsberg.

The decision was made after a major review of the activities at KTH's campus, which was initiated by the President at the beginning of the year due to the high cost of premises and KTH's financial deficit. For the CBH school, this means that we will continue to operate at Campus Flemingsberg, Campus Solna and KTH Campus (including AlbaNova).

The biggest change for the CBH school will initially be that it will be investigated how to best move the technical preparatory programme currently run at Campus Södertälje to Campus Flemingsberg. This work will start shortly and a detailed project plan for the move will be drawn up. For the CBH school, the move will mean that our school will eventually be responsible for all qualifying education at KTH, which I believe will be positive and provide increased opportunities for coordination.

Even if the activities at our other campuses are not directly affected by the decision, we will, together with KTH's other schools, need to review and streamline the utilisation of premises, and I know that many departments are already looking at ways to reduce premises costs.

Jag vill slutligen passa på att påminna om valet till skolans fakultetsnämnd som öppnar nästa vecka. Missa inte chansen att rösta! Fakultetsnämnden kommer att ha en viktig roll i skolans utveckling och ett högt valdeltagande ger nämnden stöd i sitt framtida arbete.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the elections for the School's Faculty Board, which will open next week. Don't miss the chance to vote! The Faculty Board will play an important role in the development of the school and a high turnout will support the Board in its future work.