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Amelie on KTH's new sustainability course

Published Apr 10, 2024

Head of School Amelie Eriksson Karlström writes about KTH's new digital sustainability course.

There is now a new, digital sustainability training programme  for all employees at KTH. The aim is to increase knowledge of sustainability issues and give all employees an opportunity to reflect on these issues. The training contains some parts that you can do yourself, but also parts where you are supposed to discuss with others, and therefore it is recommended to complete the training at a group meeting, a workplace meeting, or at a similar occasion. I myself attended the training in February, when I was at a conference with the President’s management team, and we had good group discussions about what we can contribute to KTH's sustainability work based on our roles. You can find the programme in Canvas and when you have completed the programme it will be registered there.

Some of you, who like me have worked at KTH for a long time, may remember that an environmental training programme for employees was developed about 10 years ago. When I think back to that time, I can see that a lot has happened since then and that the awareness of sustainability issues is incredibly much greater at KTH now. This new course however, can still be a good opportunity to update yourself on KTH's sustainability work and reflect with your colleagues on how you can contribute to development. I hope that as many people as possible will take the time to take the new course and wish you all the best.