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Don’t forget to report side activities for 2024

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Published Apr 15, 2024

According to Swedish law, all civil servants have to report their side activities to their employer. This is primarily done so that the public can have confidence in governmental activities being conducted in a manner characterized by good quality and impartiality. The government, and ultimately the public, has an interest in employees not having side activities which may have a negative influence on their ordinary work or the authorities' business. The CBH School collects information on side activities from all employees with the exception of doctoral students, postdocs and scholarship holders.

The Head of CBH will make an assessment if a reported side activity is a disadvantage of trust in CBH, and if it is compatible with the rights stated in the Higher Education Ordinance concerning topic related side activities.

Notify us if you have side activity through the form sent to you via email. We need your answer before 31 May 2024. Please send it to: with the subject line” side activity 2024”.

If you do not have a side activity, please notify us by return e-mail.

What is considered a side activity?

A side activity is basically any activity an employee is engaged in, permanently or temporarily, outside of the employment and cannot be assigned to a one’s private life. It could mean doing extra work for another employer, going on a mission or running a private business in addition to one’s regular work. It is insignificant whether the side activity results in any remuneration or not. Although extra work is for one’s principal employer or another authority it may still be regarded as a side activity.

What is NOT considered a side activity?

 An activity that typically belongs to private life, such as carrying out a hobby or managing family properties or private affairs is not regarded as side activity. For lecturers, some compensated academic activities and missions are not considered as side activities, e.g. opponent and expert missions, membership of the examination board as well as smaller missions such as research councils and scientific journals.

You can find the guidelines here.