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Ove Strind helps teams succeed

Meet CBH's Administrative Support

“Knowing more about each other's biases and perspectives makes it easier to communicate effectively,” says Ove Strind, Deputy HR manager at CBH. Photo: Jon Lindhe
Published Oct 25, 2023

Ove Strind is an expert in mediating when collaborations get stuck, but prefers to prevent conflicts through knowledge. This autumn, HR at CBH is offering in-demand workshops on interpersonal skills.

Name: Ove Strind

Works as: Deputy HR Manager at CBH

Has worked at KTH: Since 2014, at CBH from 2022.

Leisure interests: I have five children aged 10–17, a dog and a country house. There isn't much time for anything else, but I definitely wouldn't trade anything!

It is a busy time for Ove Strind, Deputy HR Manager at a CBH School. Sustainable work-life and interaction are areas of workplace health and safety that the KTH President has identified as priorities.

“Many invest both their heart and soul here, so HR support is vital,” says Ove.

Ove describes the academic world as a “fine blend” of temporary employment, diverse work cultures, hierarchies, and high levels of ambition. A tension field can arise where insecure employment can create an unhealthy power structure.

Clarity and honesty are the foundation of good communication between managers and employees, according to Ove. He also emphasizes the importance of getting to know each other.

“The more we understand each other's biases and perspectives, the easier it becomes to communicate and interact effectively.”

Guidance and support

The driving force for Ove is people and communication, supporting colleagues and seeing concrete results of the work.

“I love it when people on sick leave can come back to work and be fully recovered, to be part of such journeys.”

HR is a sounding board for managers in all matters of leadership and labour law. Employees who need answers to questions about parental leave or working abroad, for example, can turn to their HR Administrator.

“No one can know everything! The Higher Education Ordinance that governs our work is very complex legislation. Anyone who chooses to start their career with us at HR gets a quick boost into working life!”

Tailoring APT meetings

What is perhaps less well known is that HR can tailor courses and workplace meetings on different themes, from labour law to rehabilitation.

“For example, we can talk about how to recognise early signs of ill health, so that measures can be taken at an early stage to prevent prolonged sick leave.”

To free up more time for education and research, HR also participates in the development of the joint business support system at KTH. Another major assignment is the recruitment and introduction of new economists at the CBH school.

“We at HR are an important part of the work to ensure that the personnel organisation works!”

Text: Leena Höijer

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