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More LL courses than ever at CBH this autumn

Photo: KTH
Published Jun 13, 2023

This autumn, KTH offers 192 independent courses within Lifelong Learning. Of those, the CBH School accounts for 96.

“We have opened several of the regular program courses also for professionals in the autumn,” says Per Berglund, who is responsible for Lifelong learning at the CBH School.

It was President Anders Söderholm who opened the door to increase the educational offer at KTH, and at the CBH School it was taken immediately. Head of school Amelie Eriksson Karlström examined, together with the heads of department, which courses could be opened to students outside KTH. This led to a substantial increase in the range of independent courses for professionals.

During the autumn’s regular application round, which closed on April 17, KTH received a total of 6,907 applicants for independent courses, which is an increase of just over 60 percent compared to last fall. Interestingly, 15 courses account for half of all applicants. Among the 15 courses you will find, among other things, the CBH School’s Programming in Python, which is one of the most popular courses.

Increased search pressure with the help of marketing

During the spring, the courses were marketed using both Google and LinkedIn.

“We have marketed independent courses since 2020 and see better results year after year. This spring, we developed completely new material adapted for professionals, which contributed to our increasing both engagement and clicks to,” says William Källback Winter, who is responsible for communication of independent courses at KTH.

Courses open for late registration on July 14

On July 14, almost all independent courses open for late registration. Between July 14 and until October, a campaign is carried out using keyword advertising on Google and ads on LinkedIn.

“Feel free to share courses in your own network as well, on social media such as LinkedIn or similar forums. Many of the courses that KTH offers are in niche, advanced subjects and then it is valuable to reach the target group directly,” says William Källback Winter.

Text: Åsa Karsberg

Here is the autumn range of LL courses