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Taxi rides within Sweden must be booked through MyCab

Published Jan 24, 2018

Starting March 1, taxi rides made within Sweden will only reimbursed by KTH taxi if the taxis have been booked through the companies MyCab or Egencia.

Do you need to travel with taxi in Sweden when at work? From now on, you need to book taxi/cab rides in Sweden through KTH:s procured cab company MyCab. If you have booked a flight through Egencia it is possible to book an air-taxi through Egencia as well (in that case both the taxi and flight need to be booked at the same time), but for all other types of taxi rides in Sweden you need to use MyCab. Even if you, for example, only are travelling between the different KTH campuses you need to book the taxi through MyCab.

Starting March 1 2018 KTH will only reimburse taxi rides that have been booked through MyCab or Egencia.

In order to be able to order taxi rides through MyCab you need to apply for a “user-id” (to book taxis for yourself or guests). The profile is personal but can be used to book for guests etc, but you will then need to state the guests information when making the booking (the guests first and last name, mobile number, e-mail and reference/”sakattestant” in case the information is different from the profile holder’s information).

Some of you have have received an email from your local HR officer who will help you out with creating new MyCab profiles. If you haven't got that kind of information, please contact your local HR officer for help

Think about the environment before using a taxi!

In KTH:s new “Guidelines for KTH meetings and travel” ((V-2018-0028) it says that taxi should be sparsely used. If taxi need to be used you should share a car when possible.