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Welcome Mikael Selington!

Mikael Selington is the new curator and caretaker in Flemingsberg.
Mikael Selington, the new curator and caretaker in Flemingsberg.
Published Feb 07, 2024

Mikael Selington is the new curator and caretaker in Flemingsberg.

"I have previously substituted in Flemingsberg as a caretaker on several occasions and enjoyed the work, premises and staff very much," says Mikael Selington.

What did you do before?

“I have been a real jack-of-all-trades. My first job was actually as a caretaker in a hospital during my studies, in order to be able to afford housing and get a driver's license. Then it was insurance and banking for many years, mainly on the capital side. I thought I would never leave the financial world. But when the inheritance, gift and wealth taxes were removed, the fun in my work disappeared and I thought long and hard about what to do next.”

“One morning I saw an ad in the subway, "Busslink is looking for summer bus drivers". Why not, I thought, my father was a bus driver so I could be one too. After a few years as a driver and trainer, it was time to move on. My wife had started a company in the interior design sector for public environments, so suddenly I joined the company as a project manager and craftsman. When our company was sold, a good friend asked if I would be interested in working in a primary school with students with special needs. There I really had to relearn, rethink, analyze and be flexible.”

What questions can one turn to you for?

“In Flemingsberg, I will help with ordering materials, fault reports, crafts, repairs and other issues relating to the property, security and fire. I assume that my duties will change somewhat gradually as it is two positions in one, 50 percent caretaker and 50 percent curator.”

What do you like to do when you are not working?

”My big passion in life is still windsurfing. I have been windsurfing for 47 years, traveling around Sweden and Europe and competing. Nowadays it is more of a hobby to enjoy and to keep the body going. Photography has also taken a large part of my free time, especially nature photography of our Swedish birds of prey and predators.”

“In recent years, a new interest has emerged in building up our garden for the benefit of our pollinators and biodiversity. It's great to sit in the garden and hear the buzzing everywhere. I'm also passionate about cooking outdoors with simple means but with great taste, all year round.”