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Public defence of doctoral thesis

We support you for your thesis defence by arranging flowers, catering, gift and travel arrangements for the opponent and decision committee.

Flowers and defence kit for the room of doctoral thesis

We will arrange the flowers for you and provide you with a defence kit.
We will also make sure that they are on set at the room ofdoctoral thesis at 1 hour before start. 

Defence kit contains: 

  • Two flower vases 
  • Four KTH waterbottles 
  • KTH tablecloth 
  • KTH table flag


To order catering
To order from Mathem

Please note! We do not buy any alcoholic beverages, but this can be ordered from our catering vendours. Note that there will be an extra cost for serving staff.

Lunch, social dinner or mingle

We can help you book a restaurant or venue for your lunch, dinner or mingle. (Only in Stockholm).


We can help you to order a gift for the respondent, opponent and committee from KTH's profile shop .
Notify  well in advance of the event of which gift you would like to order.

Zoom webinar

For help setting up a Zoom webinar for remote thesis defence, please see the following page.

Zoom webinar

Thers is also a step by step guide to organizing a public defence webinar in Zoom.

Guide: public defence webinar