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Delivery services

The goods reception can help you order your shipment but they will need the following information.

In order to help you in the best possible way with your email, we need the following information to be sent to the Infrastructure group:

The receiver:

  • name,

  • company / school,
  • street address,
  • department/room,
  • phone number,

The sender (you):

  • name,

  • phone number,
  • department,
  • KTH invoice reference or project number.

The parcel:

Note that if you are sending “dangerous goods” (noted in MSDS, e.g. flammable, irritant, toxic) you need to also supply us with MSDS and exact amount of the chemical.

  • content (document, polymer, cellulose etc.),
  • approx. weight,
  • special requirements, e.g. speed of delivery (express, economy), temperature control, tracking,
  • chemicals? (YES/NO).

Delivery suppliers

There is a framework agreement with five suppliers in the area of courier services and transport of dangerous goods, both within Sweden and abroad. The framework agreement covers documents, transport of temperature-sensitive material, scientific samples and equipment. To see which provider delivers which types of couriers, search for " courier services " in the contract database.