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Equality, diversity and equal treatment

KTH’s core values are based on democracy, the equal value of human beings, human rights and freedom and free and open discussion. Equality between men and women and the dissociation from all forms of discrimination are both an issue of quality and a natural part of KTH’s core values. Equality and diversity among employees and students also represent important resources for KTH.

At the school, we work on issues related to equality, diversity and equal treatment (JML) in a number of ways. The work is based on, among other things, the school's business plan, KTH's action plan against discrimination and KTH's guideline on gender equality, diversity and equal conditions (pdf).

JML at the departments

As a part of the JML work, the Head of school has decided that the departments will actively work to integrate the JML issues in the work and planning of activities, based on the rules and regulations documents available at KTH, e.g. Plan for continued work for a gender equal KTH  and the school’s business plan.

JML group

Head of school has also decided to appoint a new JML group at the school. The JML group’s task is to review how EECS should continue to work with gender equality, diversity and equal treatment and conditions. This is done by examining, planning implementing and following up, both KTH-wide and EECS internal plans, rules and regulation documents and decisions, as well as active measures. Link to the decision of the JML work and JML group at EECS (pdf).

 The JML group consist of several representatives from different parts of EECS, with the Head of school as the group chairperson. Contact information for the members of the EECS link to JML group