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Discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimization

KTH’s core values are based on democracy, the equal value of human beings, human rights and freedom and free and open discussion. Equality between men and women and the dissociation from all forms of discrimination are both an issue of quality and a natural part of KTH’s core values. Equality and diversity among employees and students also represent important resources for KTH.

If you need support when you feel that you have been discriminated, harassed, sexually harassed or been exposed to victimization you can turn to your immediate manager or to the EECS contact person to whom you can find contact information to in the bottom of the page. 

How to make a report

The first step is a talk to the person you turn to for support, to give your version of event and then together discuss how to proceed. As regards to a complaint to KTH, there are no special formalities. A complaint may be in spoken or written form.

You can also contact a counsellor at the occupational health care , your trade union representative  or one of the EECS safety representatives .

You may find more information about investigation, measure and reporting on KTH central administrations internal pages .